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2045 Carnival Folklore
Author: Slim Smith
Published: 20 April 2017
ISBN 9781910467084
Published by: Volcano Publishing
Price: £6.99
Extent: 48 Pages - 210mm x 210mm
Genre: Graphic Novel


2045 Carnival Folklore is a fast, funny, dystopian “b-movie” – a sci-fi film set 100 years after the Hirioshima bomb (hence the 2045 in the title) and created after Japan’s 3/11 disaster at the Fukushima power plant. The film had its World Premiere at 2015’s Seattle International Film Festival.
The film has now been adapted as a graphic novel, keeping the plotline and wayward pop-culture references.
The year is 2045. Japan’s nuclear power plants have melted down. Only YKHM City survives, but radiation has caused outbreaks of cancer and leukaemia among the people.
YKHM City is ruled over by Dr Acid, head of the ANIKI party, which keeps all the citizens drugged and fed on Soylent Food.
One day, a secret agent of the SUN RA resistance group sneaks into the city from the underworld. His mission is to find a certain doctor at YKHM City Asylum mental hospital who is working on a vaccine.
The city is in chaos. A tourist comes searching for human flesh to eat. Punks use their noise to rebel. Mutant Ganja Turtles are bribed by ANIKI to sound clash with the punks.
Dr. Acid’s noise control is strong, but the agents of SUN RA learn the power of feedback.

Film by Naoki Kato. Original Story by Keisuke Masuda. Graphic novel adaptation by Slim Smith.

Cast: Junya Ishii,  Misaki Oka,  Shigeru Okuse,  Ryosuke Hayashi, Ryo Hamamoto, Hiroyuki Nagashima,  T.MIKAWA, Hideyuki Okamoto,  Emiri Kosaki, Tsunekazu Ebihara, Toma Onishi, Masaya Omura,  Naoko Oka, Yukako Kawazoe, Yohei Tsuchiya, Futoshi Hamanaka, Yusuke Hiraoka, Kyoko Yano, Keisuke Masuda

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